six tips to keeping the spark alive

Intimacy is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. When you’re miles part, intimacy becomes an issue and makes the situation even harder. Here are 6 tips that can help you keep the intimacy alive in such a situation:

Communicate daily 

Communication is the best way to maintain the closeness in any relationship, whether you’re living together or in a long distance relationship. It really doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is, you need to make time for your partner. For example, you can video chat each day. This will go a long way towards developing intimacy. If that is not enough, you can also text each other. In fact, texting is the simplest way to keep in touch with your lover when you are far apart. It will make you feel like you’re still connected together and everything will seem normal.

Visit each other more often

Create time to visit your partner more frequently. It might be tricky because of the busy schedules and other job commitments, but relationships need sacrifices at one time or another, therefore you have to prioritize your commitment to your relationship. Plan ahead and take out whatever little time you can and visit him/her. In fact, what matters most is the quality time. So for the shortest time you’ll be together, make the most of your stay.

Keep your lover involved

Make sure that you keep your partner involved in your daily life. It is generally important that you get your partner’s opinion when you have a decision to make. When you decide things together, you make the relationship strong. You can also involve your partner even in small decisions such as trying to figure out which movie to watch, this will certainly make him feel like he’s there with you. Keeping your partner involved is very much a mental association, and all of the best relationships are built on communication as well as emotion, therefore the mental part is the significant element.


Fantasize about the physical intimacy you can't have while you're apart instead of trying to forget about it. Just imagine things in your mind that you can share with your lover, and also consider acting them out during your next visit.

Surprise each other with presents

Sending your partner presents shows how much you care for him/her. In most cases, presents often signify something. For instance, if your partner had vaguely mentioned about something she wanted, surprise her with it. This way she will get what she likes. As a matter of fact, it will also show your partner that you listen to her. 

Enjoy your personal time

There’s need to appreciate the personal time you have when you’re miles apart. Don’t just focus only on how much you want to share every moment with your partner. I suggest that you do the things that will make you happy, but let you partner know about them. When you’re happy and comfortable, you will be able to communicate with her/him and make your relationship more intimate.

Beyond no doubt, following the above practices will do you magic.